Vol. 0 No. 01 : The End


Vol. 1 No. 01 : Quorum

Vol. 1 No. 02 : Prine's Metropolitan

Vol. 1 No. 03 : US3R Of The Darknet

Vol. 1 No. 04 : The Whispers On Carrier X

Vol. 1 No. 05 : Weaving Spiders

Vol. 1 No. 06 : Heng

Vol. 1 No. 07 : Like Love Hate Hate

Vol. 1 No. 08 : Year Zero

Vol. 1 No. 09 : Rishek

Vol. 1 No. 10 : The Zura Contract

Vol. 1 No. 11 : Dead Man's Switch


In the information age, data is a commodity, ...but knowledge is survival.

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THE SWITCHING STATION is a search engine for Darknet forums, chat rooms and whistleblower dropboxes. Its total size and reach is unknown, and exists in a constant state of change.
These are first position drops on the worldwide web, and are free to be shared and referenced without prejudice or editing. More or less examples are dumped, removed or expanded without individual clean-ups or explanation. Threads and sites are added only as and when.
During the course of endless research, the drops and partial threads in these links are supposed to be relevant to the themes in Random Skies, either in support or opposition to the storylines. Descriptions of guests are given where possible without giving the tabloid scrotes enough to go knocking on people's doors.
Unending thanks to all contacts who answer questions from the horde, and add to our understanding of the world.


PLATFORM: Chairman Framework for IP


ANONYMISER: EX_FILT from Darknet source "COUNTRY_KEYS" -US3RNAME_Y [Backchannel is airlocked [No direct meta, plain text]] IN_FILT to RANDOMSKIES.COM, post, archive and delete @webmaster/DISC ED.

NOTICE: This data is for research, education and public disclosure. As such, right to share, with attribution, is upheld.

POST NOTES: Mostly broken, no part-post redactions, no whole names, session IDs and permanent US3Rnames [Verified by RED_LIST, Redpill, diagrams by MentalState(c)]